rockets reflecting the boost hotel marketing can have to drive revenue beyond just the reservation

Marketing acts as the bridge, connecting your business with eager travelers seeking an experience like the one you offer. Either using organic content or paid media, one of the main goals for marketing is to increase the visibility of your business and the awareness of your brand in order to create more conversions ( direct bookings) and repeat business (loyalty).

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In fact, if the question is how do we create more revenue, generate more bookings, do more upselling, marketing cannot be ignored in this equation when it is a crucial part of your revenue optimisation strategy.

If you are not yet convinced, here are three ways that a hotel marketing strategy contributes to your revenue optimisation:

Capturing guests and driving direct bookings

The travelers are not flipping through brochures or relying solely on travel agents anymore. Today’s travelers are digitally-empowered, carefully researching and booking their stays directly online. This presents a key opportunity for your hotel.

Among your main marketing assets, your website and social media accounts hold immense power. By optimizing these platforms for direct bookings, you can capture the attention of these online travelers and convert them into loyal guests, ultimately boosting your revenue.

Is your website optimised for direct bookings? 

It goes beyond just aesthetics – it’s about creating a user-friendly experience that seamlessly guides visitors towards booking with you.

Think mobile-first, most travel research and booking happens on smartphones. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and visually stunning on all screen sizes.  Prioritize a user-friendly booking engineIt should be prominent and easy to find, with clear progress indicators and minimal steps to secure a reservation.

In the case of direct bookings, highlight exclusive benefits for booking directly on your website. Showcase security assurances and clear information about your property to build trust and encourage bookings.  By creating a seamless and secure user experience, you can convert website visitors into loyal, paying guests.

Is your content attractive enough? 

On the content side, you need to understand that today’s travelers are bombarded with options. You don’t want your property to be just one more.

Your website and your social media accounts need to be captivating, instantly transporting them to the heart of your unique experience. Remember: travellers now book thinking about how shareable on social media this location will be. How can you showcase your property and location as an “instagram-worthy” destination?

A few things to keep in mind in this aspect: Invest in high-quality visuals that showcase the essence of your hotel. Craft compelling descriptions that paint a picture of the perfect getaway, not just a room with a bed. Remember, you’re selling an experience, a memory they’ll never forget.

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