Selling Hotel Experiences for More Direct Bookings

What is it that makes your hotel distinctive and memorable? A great Experience!

These days, for a hotel to stand out, you’ve got to offer more than comfy rooms and good service. Guests have come to view this as standard. What they are interested in is to come away with a memorable experience.

But what exactly defines a hotel experience?

It’s the intangible sum of your hotel’s attributes – built on your vision, influenced by your culture and service delivery and ultimately, by your guests’ perception.

It’s unique and cannot be duplicated.

And it’s your number one sales tool – the tool that helps you get more direct bookings.

But how do you put into words the intangible?

How do you capture the ambience, mood and essence of a place? The philosophy behind your hospitality? The spirit of your team and the spirit in which they interact with your guests?

Try these 10 Tips to Grasp the Essence of YOUR Hotel Experience:

1. Start out at where it all began

Step outside your hotel for a moment (mentally that is, you won’t have to leave the building ) and put yourself in a different frame of mind.

Think back to where it all began. What compelled you to get into the industry in the first place?

What thoughts and images come to mind? Probably something like a buzzing hotel lobby, smiling guests, a vibrant environment, possibility, innovation, fun and a passion for being a great host.

2. What do you want your hotel to be known for?

OK, now that you’re in hospitality mode let’s look at your vision.

What kind of a host did you want to be known as? How did you envision your guests would feel staying at your hotel?

Come up with attributes that describe your approach to delivering hospitality. The answers to these questions will help you develop your brand and connect with your guests, the pre-requisite for attracting direct bookings.

3. Language

Language sets the tone. Too many websites sound stiff, distant and impersonal.

Slip into your day-to-day role as a charming host and let your personality shine through. Be authentic. Let readers feel the fun, excitement and sincerity of your hospitality.

And then take the test: Visit and navigate around your website. How does it feel?

Is it your impression that the people behind the site are looking forward to welcoming and hosting you? Can they motivate you to make a direct booking right there and then?

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