icons of people being circled with a red pen reflecting importance for hotels to achieve revenue success by focusing on individual customer experience and the role of hyper personalisation

Hyper Personalisation: The Future of the Customer Experience

Hyper-personalisation goes beyond standard strategies for customising each touchpoint in the customer journey; it’s a whole new style of segmentation

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The Importance of Personalisation

As consumers, we are all increasingly experiencing personalisation everyday from all kinds of brands we interact with – Spotify and Netflix, for example

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Online Booking Trends and Stats Every Hotelier Should Know

These are especially important as hotels look to optimize their booking channel and increase conversion rates, which have historically been very low

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360° Approach to Guest Personalization and Revenue Generation

The shift in technology and market demand offers hotels an opportunity to reimagine their revenue strategies and offer a hyper-personalized guest journey

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Personalisation: 4 Steps to Stay Relevant and Delight Your Guests

Be careful not to confuse personalisation with customisation. Both concepts follow the same goal but customisation empowers guests to do this on their own

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Upsell With Personalised Add-ons

Add-on options are only found on your own website and once discovered you’ll find your guests want to book direct for this extra personalised service

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man staring at a computer screen possibly reading an email before booking a hotel

Email Ideas That Turn Lookers Into Bookers

With recent privacy changes affecting targeted ads, the importance of email marketing is poised to increase even further

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wording under a window saying data has a better idea

3 Reasons Why Valuable Data, Not Cheap Deals, is Secret to Recovery

By using data to understand the real cost and impact of decisions, hotels are able to build a revenue strategy that optimizes net RevPAR and GOPPAR

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3 Ways to Start Boosting Your Hotel’s Incremental Revenue Today

Offering ancillary services isn’t just about boosting revenue. First and foremost it’s ensuring your guests have the perfectly tailored stay they desire

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Automating Personalisation to Improve Customer Experience and Boost Revenue

Automating your guest personalisation does not mean bombarding them with loads of irrelevant deals or adding countless options to your booking engine

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