DMI International has joined forces with a travel distribution technology company to implement natural language processing into a chatbot that leverages IBM Watson’s platform to respond to users’ hotel search requests.

With the hospitality sector becoming increasingly permeated with third-party booking applications, consumers may soon become weary of giving up prime real estate on their smartphones and instead turn to chatbots for their travel-related needs.

DMI has teamed up with travel distribution firm Zumata on a new chatbot designed to transform Facebook Messenger into a search engine for hotel bookings, highlighting another untapped revenue stream for hospitality marketers.

“Chatbots will provide a complement to the Web and apps by enabling direct conversations to organize, book and make your travel more convenient,” said Ilaria Piga Serra, head of marketing at DMI International. “[For example], you are staying at a hotel and want a good tip for a restaurant and the chatbot helps you find and book the restaurant and even plans and books your taxi to get there.

“AI chatbots will change how we plan and manage our travel over time.”

New levels of personalization DMI’s collaboration with Zumata is currently in a public beta on Facebook. The new chatbot, which lives on Facebook Messenger, was created for consumers who feel more comfortable using an app they already have instead of downloading a brand-new booking app.

The two companies worked to integrate natural language processing into the chatbot, which leverages IBM Watson’s AI technology to respond to users’ hotel search requests.

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