As the Easter holiday season nears, we know that travel demand grows. In fact, research shows that over half of Americans (53%) planned to travel during spring in recent years, with 25% specifically eyeing Easter weekend.

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This interest was even higher among millennials at 29%, and with the average spend for Easter trips surging by 74% year-over-year, it’s clear Easter is a prime time for travel and hospitality sectors to thrive.

This pronounced trend towards Easter bookings opens up a valuable window of opportunity for hotels to connect with and attract a wide range of travelers. Understanding this shift in consumer behavior is crucial for hoteliers looking to maximize their appeal during the Easter period. Let’s take a look at effective strategies that can help your hotel capture the attention of these eager holiday seekers.

Offer egg-cellent deals around the holiday

To transform casual website visitors into confirmed guests this Easter, getting strategic about your promotions is key. Take inspiration from the Hotel Kungsträdgården in Stockholm, which effectively showcased targeted offers through a Layer on their website to attract potential guests. By introducing holiday-themed discounts, such as an enticing 20% off for upcoming Easter getaways, they not only capture the holiday spirit but also catch the attention of potential guests searching during this specific time period. By tailoring your website with these seasonal marketing strategies, you can directly target the Easter holiday crowd, offering them irresistible reasons to book directly.


Welcome message displayed to website visitors

Get creative with your messaging

A key element to capitalizing on the Easter rush is ensuring your offers are visually appealing and impossible to ignore. The Hotel Paris Bastille, situated in the heart of Paris, exemplifies this by deploying a Sticky Image message on their website, complemented by a creative call-to-action (CTA) that keeps the line of communication open with online visitors. This not only makes the hotel’s Easter specials stand out, but also drives direct bookings by making it easy and attractive for potential guests to take advantage of special offers. Compelling visual cues, combined with a persuasive CTA, form a powerful duo that increases the likelihood of conversion from potential guests.


Sticky Image promoting availability during Easter holidays

The countdown to Easter is on!

In preparation for its flash campaign for Easter, MJ Holidays launched a new message on its website to increase visibility and create a sense of urgency. This included incorporating a captivating GIF, an interactive form, and a countdown timer, all in one Layer to capture the attention of their target audience at precisely the right moment. By integrating these elements, the message resonates with potential guests, enticing them to take part in the hotel’s upcoming Easter Egg Hunt event. This tailored approach ensures maximum engagement and anticipation, driving awareness leading up to the Easter celebration, while also enabling the property to collect valuable first-party data.


Layer showcasing a GIF and countdown clock to create a sense of urgency

Don’t let them be the one that got away

Almond Hotel, set amidst the vibrant urban landscape of Poland, strategically embraced exit messaging to elevate its Easter campaign. This message, showcasing exclusive Easter promotions, helped to capture attention and encourage potential guests to reconsider. By leveraging the precise moment of a possible exit, they were able to retain visitor interest, highlight their property’s unique holiday offerings, and guide them deeper into the booking funnel. This underscores the effectiveness of exit messaging in transforming perfectly timed interactions into booking opportunities for travelers during the Easter season.

family easter perks message

Exit Message promoting the hotel’s Easter perks

By rolling out seasonal promotions and holiday-themed packages, along with promoting distinctive local events and activities that come alive during Easter, hotels have a prime opportunity to set themselves apart. Tailoring your marketing efforts with personalized messages ensures that your website communication strikes a cord with your audience, elevating the online user experience and boosting direct bookings. This targeted approach allows hotels to forge meaningful connections with guests, crafting memorable stays that capitalize on the festive Easter atmosphere.

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