Leverage Personalization for More Cost Effective Direct Bookings

Focusing on improving guest satisfaction through personalization, independent hotels can earn recommendations leading to a steady stream of direct bookings

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Make Guests the Architect of Their Experience to Drive Revenue

Why are hotels still assigning rooms to guests rather than letting them choose the room they want? Booking a hotel room shouldn’t feel like a gamble

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Personalization vs Privacy – What do Hotel Guests Prefer?

Personalization has become a hot topic, but the question is, when it comes to personalization vs privacy, what do your hotel guests actually prefer?

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different sizes of burgers showing different fillings like hotels can embrace attribute based selling to improve guest personalization

How the Big Problem with Hotel Stay Personalization was Solved

ABS is a revelation because it solves both the Labor and the Product problems that come with hotel stay personalization

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Hyper Personalized Marketing in Hotels: Try These 8 Audiences

Hyper personalized marketing involves delivering highly tailored and individualized experiences that goes beyond traditional personalization techniques

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Guests Want Highly Personalized Experiences – Hotels Must Adapt

To achieve a personalized booking journey, intelligent retailing removes dependency to book a room first, and enable the guest to book anything in any order

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blocks being stacked in the same way independent hotels should focus more on increasing ancillary revenue

Attribute-Based Selling: What’s in it for me?

Attribute-Based Selling is the logical step forward. It improves guest satisfaction, brand distinction, cart value, conversion and delivers more revenue

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Creative Ways to Personalize Your Review Responses

When personalizing your review responses, ensure you supply additional information. The best way is by recognising specific aspects the writer spoke about

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shopping cart with different purchases reflecting attribute based selling (abs) and how hotels could benefit from adopting retail best practices

With ABS Hoteliers Can Leverage Retail Best Practices

Your guests want more control. When it comes to their hotel stay, ABS (attribute-based selling) offers the same retail style customization they are after

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How Personalization Contributes to Increased Revenue and Profits

Hotels can start the personalization of offers when they have insights into the travel reasons, where the guest comes from, and the booking behavior

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