How Personalization Contributes to Increased Revenue and Profits

Hotels can start the personalization of offers when they have insights into the travel reasons, where the guest comes from, and the booking behavior

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How to Better Connect with Guests Through Personalization

Personalization today is defined by flexibility and choice. Offering enticing options, hotels can make selling these services to guests more straightforward

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left brain and right brain coming together reflecting impact of dopamine and power of personalization in boosting hotel revenue

Dopamine and Power of Personalization in Boosting Hotel Revenue

In recent years, researchers have found dopamine can be triggered by positive online experiences, including the act of browsing or shopping on a website

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What Do Guests Really Want in a Modern Hotel Stay? 5 Essentials

What are the essentials for an exemplary experience during a modern hotel stay to achieve the central mission of welcome and guests comfort?

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Using First Party Data and Personalization to Build Loyalty

. Loyalty isn’t created overnight. It’s a relationship that requires first-party data, a multichannel strategy, and personalization

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4 Steps for Hotels to Deliver Guest Personalization

We look at why guest personalization is important, and how hotels can personalize the guest experience and encourage loyalty

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3 Barriers to Hyper-Personalized Guest Experience and How To Fix Them

We explore three ways that mobile technology can remove barriers to personalization, thus paving the way for a seamless and customizable guest journey

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face with code overlayed reflecting importance of hotels understanding the changing privacy landscape regarding CCPA and CPRA

The Importance of Increasing Digitization in Hospitality

The majority of hotels have yet to unleash their full digitization potential. It’s not for lack of trying: 75% of hotel executives support AI marketing

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post its with people drawn on them with target rings and a pin hitting the centre reflecting value of website personalization

Boosting Direct Bookings Using Hotel Website Personalization

Here are five highly effective ways to personalize the website experience to ensure you maximize conversions on your hotel website

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Value of Getting Personalization Right, or Wrong, is Multiplying

Personalization is not only a crucial capability, it’s one that punches above its weight, whether the company is a digital native or brick-and-mortar player

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