personalized loyalty schemes

Visioning the post-COVID era in CRM & Loyalty

We may not know the answers. But one thing is certain: the fundamentals of loyalty remain the same. It is all about rewarding our best guests

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Earning Loyalty in an Altered Marketplace Demands Personalized Attention

It’s important to grasp that stay frequency and recency are not the only measures of loyalty. Understanding many facets of loyalty is essential

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Ushering In The Age Of Dynamic Personalization

Dynamic personalization is powerful because we can recognize a guest not only for what defines them generally, but who they are in the moment

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yellow lego piece amongst stormtrooper lego pieces showing impact of personalization

The Gold List 2020 Hotels Embracing Digital Personalization

Travelers today are looking for personalized guest experiences. But how many hotels understand the essence of personalizing the guest journey?

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red trainers amongst white trainers showing benefit of personalization messaging to increase website conversion

Hyper Personalized Hotel Website Content for Mobile?

If you’re looking to increase website mobile conversions, focusing on personalization and hyper-targeted messages is key for direct channel growth strategy

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Podcast: Oaky and Staah talk Hyper Personalisation

We discuss the topic of Hyper Personalisation, how this extends personalisation, which we are all familiar with, and clarify how this should not to be confused with segmentation

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Is Today’s Hotel Industry Built on Data Driven Personalization?

More than ever, hotels are making use of the vast amounts of data available to them to streamline operations and personalize to ensure they’re hitting the mark when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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The Rise of Attribute Based Selling

Adopting attribute based selling in Hospitality is a logical next step, and even though there will likely be challenges to overcome during the process, the long-term reward will be worth it.

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Hitting the personalization sweet spot for travelers

The reality is that travelers are willing to share a certain level of personal information if there’s a clear answer to the question, What’s in it for me? Oftentimes brands […]

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