How to manage high occupancy and build better guest loyalty programs

Hotels spend a vast amount of time trying to procure more bookings and increase their occupancy rates. So what if you’re really good at distributing your rooms or the market is currently very strong and your hotel gets full? What should you be doing in that situation?

You need to take advantage of your full house and work on building a strong guest loyalty program that will keep guests coming back.

The United States is currently experiencing its highest occupancy rates in at least a generation. It’s been over 30 years since they were as high as they are now, with more than two-thirds of the nations hotel rooms occupied through July 2016.

Operating a hotel at capacity is not only great for revenue but it provides some great opportunities to gain insight from customers about how you can improve the guest experience, and you can also build your loyal customer base by introducing specific and unique rewards programs.

Designing surveys to improve guest experience and hotel reputation

Receiving and managing feedback is essential for learning how you can improve the operation and desirability of your hotel. There’s no better time to focus on gaining this valuable data than when you have a hotel full of guests.

Designing your own surveys and encouraging customer reviews on travel sites are two of the biggest tools you can use to keep bookings coming in. In this day and age the ability to continually provide excellent service is only bested by whether people are telling other travellers you’re providing a great experience.

Research tells us 76% of travellers are willing to pay more for a hotel with better reviews. Giving your guests a survey to fill out during or post-stay is a great way to gather data and reiterate to them what a fantastic time they had. That way, if they decide to post online reviews, their positive thoughts will already be formulated.

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