Loyalty Shouldn’t Be Lackluster: Reimagine and Reinvigorate

Across industries, marketers and business owners find themselves ruminating over the same question – is loyalty dead?

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dilapidated hotel reflecting need for hotels to start focusing more on guest experience as key differentiator

Guest Experience Will Be Key: Loyalty Doesn’t Mean Loyal Anymore

The guest experience needs to be good, and consistent, across all channels, from website to the app, the booking experience and on-property experience

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letters spelling out the word loyalty

Which Loyalty Program Is Best For Your Hotel?

Brands that can use loyalty programs effectively to unlock the potential of repeat guests can gain a significant edge over the competition

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4 Steps for Hotels to Deliver Guest Personalization

We look at why guest personalization is important, and how hotels can personalize the guest experience and encourage loyalty

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How To Be a Genius and Drive Up Hotel Visibility and Occupancy Rates

When Genius members look for a property that is a Genius partner, that property will stand out, increasing the chances of the property getting booked

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lady working in a hotel possibly on a bleisure trip or workation

Bleisure Trips & Workations: Hotel Positioning for Hybrid Travel Trends

Once you understand the mindset that drives hybrid travel experiences, the key is determining how to entice these guests to your hotel

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Instant Gratification and AI-Driven Engagement Redefining Guest Loyalty

This scenario illustrates the difference between a traditional, points-based loyalty system and a rewards-based, instant gratification model

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Google 2022 Predictions: International Travel, Bigger Budgets and Loyalty

There are lots of positive signs in this data. It’s clear travel restrictions and infections remain a problem, but we know demand for hotels is there

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image of a staycation which can be a revenue generator for hotels

Five Easy Tips to Drive Revenue With Local Staycationers

With Covid variant surges still impacting international travel, hotels and resorts need to get creative and think local to keep generating revenue

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Hotels Can Do Better than Points Based Loyalty Programs

The points based system is outdated, expensive to run and a lazy attempt to build loyalty. It is up to hotels to figure out how to use data to reward

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