After a promising beginning of August, the pressure of demand for destinations in Trentino-Alto Adige first began to fade, then to decrease strongly during the central weeks, until it collapsed during the first week of September

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This is what emerges from the data from the booking engine of the tourist structures of the Region, information collected during the search phase of the overnight stays that express the travel intentions of tourists.

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According to the data of the last thirty days (4 August – 4 September) the trend is undoubtedly negative, as tourists looking for an overnight stay have decreased at an average daily rate of -2.8%. Demand has lost strength especially during the last week, with a contraction of -30.7% compared to the previous one. The phenomenon is homogeneous throughout the territory: for the Autonomous Province of Bolzano the weekly variation was -29.0%, while for the Autonomous Province of Trento it was -31.0%. This trend could be read as physiological, consistent with the end of the summer season, but perhaps the interest of travelers in Trentino has died out a little too abruptly.


Most tourists looked for overnight stays with check-in between 27 August and 5 September: the demand was almost entirely concentrated in this interval, while there is little interest for the following dates. It must be considered, however, that travel intentions for the month of September are influenced by numerous factors (such as weather conditions or the beginning of the school year) and that, although there has been a general lengthening of the average booking window, for tourists is still early to think about the winter season. At the moment, overnight searches for the month of October are one fifth of those for the month of September.


Among the most sought-after destinations by tourists, the area of ​​Lake Garda stands out: in the specific of the Municipalities, in first place we find Riva del Garda, followed by Nago-Torbole and Ledro. According to the analysis of the research behavior, Lake Garda seems to be a key destination for the Region: not only for the volume of overnight stays sought, but above all because it is the only destination to suffer less from the contraction due to the low season. Furthermore, unlike other destinations, the first market is not the domestic one: in Riva del Garda, for example, as many as 46.6% of searches come from Germany; Italians follow in second place with 30.1%. Among the other destinations of the Autonomous Province of Trento, there is a strong interest in the Alta Valsugana, the Primiero Valley and the Val di Sole.

The searches for the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, on the other hand, are much more concentrated: 24.5% of searches are for Collalbo, in the Renon Plateau, and the most sought-after destination is the Oltradige and Bassa Atesina area. In both cases the main market is the Italian one: in Collalbo the share of Italians is 36%. The other destinations most sought by tourists are Val Venosta, the Dolomite area, especially Val Pusteria and Val Gardena.

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