Greece on Course to Beat 2019 Travel Visitor Figures Lybra article image

Greece on Course to Beat 2019 Travel Visitor Figures

On one hand, we have consolidated demand; on the other, travel intentions. The data on travel intentions seems to confirm forecasts for overtaking of 2022

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lybra UK and US tourist destinations article thumbnail

UK & US Tourist: Everyone Wants Them, But Where Will They Go?

European tourist destinations are the ones craving most for British and Americans and they are trying to glean as much market information as possible

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lybra greece tourism low season article graph thumbnail image

Tourism in Greece: Time to Think About the Low Season

According to flight research data, demand for low season flights in Greece began to form as early as end of February, before growing significantly in March

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lybra article thumbnail spanish summer when will foreign tourists travel

Spanish Summer: When Will Foreign Tourists Travel?

By observing worldwide flight search data we can see clearly that foreign travel demand is related to national holidays of each country

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graph showing travel demand and flight searches growing in europe growing

Travel Demand in Western Europe Growing Again Despite The War

According to data regarding flight searches, strictly related to travel intentions of tourists, after a few days of insecurity demand resumed a normal trend

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video thumbnail for coffee time chat with erik munoz of lybra about unified decision data for hotel revenue and digital marketing teams

Value of Unified Decision Data for Revenue and Digital Marketing

In this conversation we explore the value of unified decision data for both hotel revenue management and digital marketing teams

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lybra article thumbnail regarding Spain and the Ukraine Crisis: How Travel Demand Changes

Spain and the Ukraine Crisis: How Travel Demand Changes

Demand for flights to Spain has decreased and is still unstable, but there is no renunciation of spring travel in favour of future dates

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header image for announcement of lybra assistant rms and hoteliga hotel management platform

COVID Recovery Strategy for Hotels: Lybra Assistant RMS + Hoteliga

hoteliga reservations data will be integrated into Lybra’s Assistant, enabling the RMS to provide most accurate real-time rates, as market conditions change

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lybra thumbnail image for article about greece summer travel demand

Greece Showing Strong Summer Travel Demand

Travel intentions are strongly focused on the summer season: unlike Greece’s direct competitors, demand for the summer season is stronger than for spring

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lybra article image about spains hope for increased travel in 2022

Will Spain’s Hopes for Strong Tourist Demand for 2022 Prove Possible?

The fact there is such strong disparity between short-term and medium to long-term travel indicates there is still little traveller confidence in the future

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