lightbulb with image of a brain inside reflecting the need for hotels to embrace a revenue management philosophy

The Situation of Revenue Management in The Hotel Industry

Where there is no revenue management strategy there is no knowledge about the customer, price, positioning and target audience

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The Japanese return to travel: strong demand for travel but little for Europe lybra article image

Japanese Return to Travel: Strong Demand But Little For Europe

The data testifies to a great upturn in Japanese travel demand, but for now we should still wait before seeing them embrace the streets of European cities

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building blocks reflecting revenue management strategies to boost hotel revenue

Top Hotel Revenue Management Strategies to Boost Revenue

We discuss three important strategies revenue managers can use to boost revenue and how an RMS can help forecast demand and perform dynamic pricing

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empty hotel room reflecting importance for hotels to pursue a diverse distribution strategy which may include bed banks

How To Spot Dates Where Your Hotel Can Increase Rates

With the ebb and flow of pricing, rate changes must be frequent, and a hotel must regularly adjust pricing based on demand, forecasts, and competition

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travel demand In the mediterranean slows down lybra article image

Travel Demand In The Mediterranean Slows Down

Spain, Italy, Turkey and Greece are countries that capture the interest of tourists: travel demand is so concentrated they account for 68% of all research

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Greece on Course to Beat 2019 Travel Visitor Figures Lybra article image

Greece on Course to Beat 2019 Travel Visitor Figures

On one hand, we have consolidated demand; on the other, travel intentions. The data on travel intentions seems to confirm forecasts for overtaking of 2022

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lybra UK and US tourist destinations article thumbnail

UK & US Tourist: Everyone Wants Them, But Where Will They Go?

European tourist destinations are the ones craving most for British and Americans and they are trying to glean as much market information as possible

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lybra greece tourism low season article graph thumbnail image

Tourism in Greece: Time to Think About the Low Season

According to flight research data, demand for low season flights in Greece began to form as early as end of February, before growing significantly in March

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lybra article thumbnail spanish summer when will foreign tourists travel

Spanish Summer: When Will Foreign Tourists Travel?

By observing worldwide flight search data we can see clearly that foreign travel demand is related to national holidays of each country

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graph showing travel demand and flight searches growing in europe growing

Travel Demand in Western Europe Growing Again Despite The War

According to data regarding flight searches, strictly related to travel intentions of tourists, after a few days of insecurity demand resumed a normal trend

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