view of a hotel and apartments with swimming pools illustrating how a property can become a destination in own right with a strong brand strategy

Branding Strategies to Transform Your Hotel into a Destination

We explore the transformational process of turning your hotel from merely a place for travelers to rest their heads, to a much anticipated destination

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city hotels neon sign

10 Strategies to Skyrocket Profitability in City Hotels

We delve into ten comprehensive strategies that can help city hotels drive revenue and enhance guest experiences

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man working at a computer with graphs pie charts and the word revenue hovering above the keys

Mastering Revenue Optimization for New Hotels

Amid a sea of considerations, from efficient staff management and property upkeep to top-tier customer service, revenue management is a critical linchpin

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wooden skittles with a blue one standing alone reflecting the transformative power of group displacement in hotel revenue management

Transformative Power of Group Displacement in Hotel Revenue Management

Effectively implementing group displacement can give any hotel, regardless of its size, a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving hospitality industry

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coins being added to a glass jar with the shoot of a plant growing from the top reflecting the intersection of sustainability and revenue management in hotels

Green Revenue Revolution: Intersection of Sustainability and Revenue Management

The green revenue revolution is carving a path where sustainability and profitability are not just co-existing, but are complementary goals

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guest interacting with front desk reflecting increasing demands hotels must respond to

The Impact of an RMS on Enhancing Hotel Guest Experience

Often viewed solely as a tool for pricing and channel distribution, the potential of an RMS to dramatically uplift guest experience is vastly underestimated

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person on a laptop making a hotel bookings either via and ota or direct on the hotel website

Hotel Direct Bookings vs. Hotel Bookings from OTAs

A well-rounded approach combining strengths of direct bookings and OTAs will help hoteliers maximize their revenue potential and enhance guest experience

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hedges in shapes of house with leaves reflecting letters spelling out the word pricing reflecting importance of a hotel pricing strategy for peak, middle-season, and off-peak periods

Hotel Pricing Strategies for Peak, Middle-Season, and Off-Peak

Hotel pricing is a dynamic process influenced by various factors, including location, competition, customer preferences, and seasonality

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graphs which could reflect different pricing amongst competitor hotels and why hotel rate parity is so important

What Is Hotel Rate Parity and Why It Is Important

Hotel rate parity is essential in today’s competitive landscape. Here is some advice that can be useful when trying to achieve it

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different coloured pawn pieces reflect importance to hotels of guest segmentation to improve offers, revenue and satisfaction

Offer Segmentation: How to Increase Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

Offer segmentation is a critical strategy for hotels looking to increase revenue, improve guest satisfaction, and stay competitive in a crowded marketplace

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