Lybra Destinations Search Data Trentino

Drop in Searches For Destinations in Trentino, Decisive For Low Season

After a promising beginning of August, the pressure of demand for destinations in Trentino-Alto Adige collapsed during the first week of September

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image of lybra travel flight search in europe

European Travel Unstable Due to Delta – Some Thriving & Others Collapsing

The travel industry has been affected both by fear of contagion of the Delta Variant, but also reintroduction of travel restrictions by European countries

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lybra article image regarding German interest in travel to Spain

Spain: Strong German Travel Interest Uptick in Major Tourist Destinations

This data will help Spanish destinations update their revenue management and marketing strategy to reach those interested in travel to their destination

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lybra data image spain travel affected

Travel Intentions for Spain Drop, with Balearic Islands Most Affected

Demand for travel to Spanish destinations is in sharp decline and the negative trend is continuing for third consecutive week; due to worsening fourth wave

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lybra article image about delta variatn stopping european tourism

Delta Variant Stops European Tourism, Leaving Coastal Destinations Crisis

Once again, Europe is locked in new restrictions because of the spread of the Delta Variant and, as a result, tourist demand is slowing down

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article image for lybra Recovery of Spanish Tourism: Summer Trends & the Impact of the Delta Variant in the UK

Recovery of Spanish Tourism: Summer Trends & Delta Variant UK Impact

The decisions taken regarding foreign mobility by the UK and Germany, two important markets for Spanish tourism, have had a strong impact on Spanish tourism

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lybra image of Europe travel hotspots

Europe Travel Hot Spots: Spain, Italy & Greece, with Turkey Close Behind

Analysis of flight search data makes it possible to study trends in tourist demand, the travel preferences of travellers and regions with highest demand

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revenue management questions answered

Hoteliers’ Top 10 Revenue Management Questions… ANSWERED

Many hoteliers struggle with the same revenue management questions, especially during times of significant market uncertainty, like we are experiencing

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lybra image showing travel flight searches to europe

The European Travel Market is Finally Open for Business

This increase in travel interest is certainly linked to improved health situation, the easing of restrictive policies and EU actions to stimulate tourism

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women runner looking forward and preparing in much the same way a hotel must look to future data to help set their revenue management strategy

Revenue Management: Look Ahead to Avoid Being Left Behind

There is no dichotomy between PMS data and demand data because, the two combined provide the picture to develop data-based revenue management strategies

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