5 Steps to Master the Inspiration Stage of the Guest Journey

The inspiration stage is when the idea of a trip is just a seed in your mind. It’s all about possibilities. Hotels can be part of this dreaming phase

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Boosting Customer Loyalty: Chatbots are New Travel Tech MVP

Chatbots are transforming the industry’s approach to loyalty and rewards programs by streamlining customer service and offering personalized interactions

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What Luxury Travellers Want, and How to Attract Them

A big benefit of appealing to the luxury market is these most affluent travellers have the wealth to continue to spend despite global economic turmoil

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Why Stages of Buyer’s Journey Matters for Travel Advertising

We know that understanding your target audiences’ behavior is a vital part of travel advertising, especially in an increasingly fragmented market

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How Hotels Benefit from Consortia and TMCs

Consortia and Travel Management Companies (TMCs) act as pipes, channeling a stream of potential guests toward hotels

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computer generated skyline with data overlays and bright light in one corner possibly reflecting a bright future for the hotel and travel industry

Unveiling the Future: Hotel and Travel Trends in 2024

As we step into 2024, several key trends are set to redefine the hotel landscape. Let’s explore top trends that will shape the industry in the coming year

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Hospitality Influencer Marketing: Build Authentic Partnerships for Wider Reach

A travel influencer possess the ability to bridge the gap between branded content and real-world adventures, offering a glimpse into what awaits guests

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The Psychology of Luxury Travel: Key to Attracting Affluent Customers

Like with any demographic, luxury travel shoppers require a dedicated approach to drive the consumer from consideration to purchase.

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space man above the earth reflecting evolving world of travel and the role technology has played

Technology and Tourism: A Journey Through the Centuries

If we analyze human behaviour regarding travel from a historical point of view, we see travel and hospitality have always been closely related to technology

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boat tour reflecting intricate balance for hotels between touroperation and transient guests

Hotel Profitability: Mastering Touroperation Allotment Strategies

Successfully navigating the balance between managing touroperation allotments and safeguarding the transient segment is an intricate endeavour for hotels

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