Travelers Spend Over 5 Hours Researching Trips Before Booking

Research reveals how travelers seek inspiration and plan their trip, spending over 5 hours on average with travel content in the 45 days prior to booking

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person holding mobile phone reflecting disruptive shifts in travel search that each hotel must know about

3 Disruptive Shifts in Travel Search Every Hotel Should Know

We explore how Google’s new search experience, short-form videos, and conversational AI will impact travel search and how independent hotels could benefit

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hand on computer mouse overlayed with a dollar image reflecting importance for a hotel to maximize returns by navigating budgets and costs in hotel paid search

Maximize Returns: Navigating Budgets and Costs in Hotel Paid Search

Paid Search can be a game-changer, but only if managed efficiently. Here we explore essential steps to help hoteliers optimize advertising costs and budgets

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Is Search Generative Experience the End of Organic Search for Hotels?

The new search experience, which Google has dubbed Search Generative Experience (SGE), incorporates AI capabilities and conversational functionality

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Why You Need to Adapt to Google’s Search Generative Experience

Not only are you going to see image and video rich results along with generative AI answers, but you can now use images as part of your prompts/queries

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Google Ads Extensions: Hotel Basics

Google Ads Extensions give you more space to add information about your hotel, often opening up unique messaging opportunities

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ChatGPT: How Conversational Bots Will Be The New OTAs

When we have conversational bots helping us, it could change the way we search for information. And one of the things we search for hotel information

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How To Use Google Trends For Hotel Marketing?

Google Trends culls data from Google searches and allows users to compare the frequency of search terms compared to other similar keywords

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lybra greece tourism low season article graph thumbnail image

Tourism in Greece: Time to Think About the Low Season

According to flight research data, demand for low season flights in Greece began to form as early as end of February, before growing significantly in March

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hotel breakfast layout can be appealing to guests when booking and can drive revenue and profit

The Hidden Profit Potential of the Hotel Breakfast

On OTAs guests use “breakfast included” as a primary search filter. When it comes to maximizing profit, breakfast can be an overlooked revenue booster

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