Welcome to another Expert Updates discussion.

Today we are joined by 2 Guests:

🔹 Emilio Galan
CTO & Co-Founder at Beonprice

🔹 Vassilis
CEO & Founder at Juyo Analytics

In this discussion we hear about the recently announced partnership between Beonprice and Juyo Analytics

The two tech companies join forces to combine the strategic vision of Juyo with the operational vision of Beonprice within one integrated solution. The new reporting feature gives Beonprice’s customers access to easy, agile and personalized data visualization that allows hotels to better identify opportunities in their data and adapt strategies.

It is a fairly broad ranging discussion touching on:

◾ How did the partnership came about
◾ How will the technology work
◾ What is the value to hoteliers
◾ What is the future potential

Hope you enjoy it 🤞👍

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🎞 Here are the chapters:

  • Welcome (1:16)
  • Guest Introductions (1:49)
  • How did the idea of the partnership come together (03:47)
  • What is the value of working together (06:57)
  • How does this benefit hoteliers (12:01)
  • Partnership going forward (17:00)
  • Final thoughts (19:02)
  • Additional Videos and Subscription (21:00)

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