marketing person writing out tips and ideas a hotel can use to get more direct bookings

In the sprawling landscape of online travel, where every click shapes destinies and determines profits, the mantra is clear: brand or be overlooked.

NB: This is an article from Guestcentric

Picture this: a traveller, tired but enthusiastic, sits at a screen, scrolling through options for their next getaway. What makes them stop? What makes them click that coveted “Book Now” button? It’s not just the promise of a soft bed and a picturesque view; it’s the magnetic pull of a well-crafted brand.

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Welcome to the digital revolution of hospitality, where the battleground is virtual, and the spoils go to those who understand the nuanced dance of pixels and perception. This article isn’t just about websites; it’s about weaving narratives that whisper promises and designing visuals that imprint memories. It’s about understanding why a brand isn’t just a logo; it’s the soul of your hotel in the vast expanse of the internet.

Read on to get insights from our award-winning clients and in-house design experts about the power of hotel branding, how the story of your hotel or group should be communicated to your guests, and how a compelling brand can build trust and ultimately help you grow your direct business.

Establishing a Unique Identity & Building Trust in the Online Travel World

In a world flooded with choices, trust becomes the currency of consumer decisions. A robust hotel brand acts as a trust signal, instilling confidence in potential guests. The Label Insight Food Revolution study reveals that 94% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency, a key element in building trust.

When hotels curate a brand story rooted in authenticity, heritage, and unique experiences, they tap into the psyche of travelers, creating an emotional connection that transcends mere transactions. According to Sofia Brandão, Director of Operations at AlmaLusa Hotels – a hotel collection rooted in Portuguese culture that has received multiple website design awards in 2023, independent hotels must craft an authentic and compelling brand story in order to establish a unique identity and attract guests.

She says, “Unlike major hotel chains, independent properties offer unique experiences to guests, but also represent uncertainty. Guests need trust, so it’s important that a hotel’s brand delivers confidence and establishes an emotional connection with guests. Through crafting a compelling brand story rooted in Portuguese heritage, we convince visitors why AlmaLusa is not just another hotel, but a unique cultural experience. Effective branding ensures we attract guests who appreciate our uniqueness, making our job of delivering exceptional experiences easier.”

Nuno Constantino, self-proclaimed ‘Whatever’ at Wotels – a hybrid lodging chain that has also won multiple website design awards this year, agrees. He says, “At Wotels, our focus isn’t just on lodging, it’s about curating interactive experiences. The ‘WOT’ in Wotels signifies ‘World of Travellers,’ which symbolises our vision to deliver a global haven where guests from diverse backgrounds can converge. Catering to a varied demographic, our goal is to provide a social atmosphere and this is the story we communicate to attract guests in search of social travel experiences.”

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