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25hours Hotels represent extraordinary design, innovation, and outstanding service. The current eight hotels in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are individually adapted to each location, and also tailored to fit the diverse requirements of the cosmopolitan guests. 25hours Hotels rely on the world’s largest guest feedback platform to optimize quality management and to influence the online reputation across the entire web.

TrustYou collects and analyses guest feedback for 500,000 hotels worldwide. The TrustScore and Meta-Review, the summary and analysis of all verified reviews, are integrated into hundreds of websites such as the Google Search and Maps, Kayak, TUI, FTI, and and have an impact on millions of travel decisions.

TrustYou Analytics helps 25hours Hotels to analyze and react upon guest reviews as well as to benchmark against competitors within many top destinations. Thereby, the hotel chain can develop its strengths at each location, ensure quality standards, and immediately recognize and make use of potential for optimization.

The platform also highlights the areas that have the highest impact on the different properties of 25hours Hotels that require dedicated attention to maintain the reputation at a high level. TrustYou also puts a strong focus on the evaluation of social media data. Thus, hotels can view all tweets, posts, and blogs to help directly analyze and actively market feedback in the social networks.

The better hotels optimize their practices with TrustYou, the faster the global reputation increases through the TrustScore as well as the number of positive reviews. This, in turn, leads to more bookings, better visibility on all portals, and an increase of guest willingness to pay higher room rates for a good hotel product.

Each individual 25hours hotel embeds the TrustScore and verified reviews into its own website to provide travelers with a direct reputational overview. Thereby, travelers benefit from the same user experience as numerous travel websites and OTA’s, which reinforces the direct booking channel.

Alexander Schuster, Digital Marketing Manager at 25hours Hotels, adds: “From our point of view, TrustYou is the best possibility to easily keep track of guest feedback and affect our reputation directly and positively across the web. We have already drawn comprehensive conclusions for our hotels to react quickly and professionally to the feedback of our guests.

Since every property follows a different concept, it is even more important for us to be able to assess the performance of each single hotel from the guest’s point of view. Customer loyalty begins with a very good product and TrustYou is an integral contribution to continuously enhance our products and offers.”

Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou, states: “We are excited that 25hours Hotels uses our feedback platform to optimize their properties every day. With our solution they can learn from guest feedback, become more transparent, and increase the brand’s online visibility, all of which result in more direct bookings.”

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