Symphony, a new digital marketing, booking and distribution program from Tambourine, has been proven to maximize direct revenue for independent properties of all sizes. Symphony has been in testing for more than a year at more than 100 independent hotels worldwide, with the properties experiencing an average 8% reduction in OTA commissions and a 12% increase in direct bookings, generating an additional combined $63 million in direct bookings.

Tambourine developed Symphony to help hotels increase direct website traffic, create a comprehensive presence across all digital channels and decrease the overall cost of acquiring direct bookings. Symphony provides a comprehensive set of fully managed tools and services including:

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“We deployed Symphony across our portfolio of properties more than one year ago,” said Johanna Rojas, Corporate Director of Marketing at Trust Hospitality. “During that time, Symphony has helped our properties to shift share from the OTAs to the less expensive direct channels and has given us the ability to better track our marketing ROI. The solution has also reduced the stress of vendor fatigue that we experienced previously, as it allowed us to integrate all of our digital marketing, booking and distribution technology into a single solution offered by one highly accountable partner.”

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