We hear from Veit Meier and Till Benthien of berner+becker as they outline the broad premise behind a whitepaper they have published. More detail of the whitepaper are below.

Many currently open questions will not be answered adequately and reliably in a timely manner.

However, revenue management can provide hotels with a decisive advantage when it comes to assessing various developments. It has to set the pace on a commercial level in preparing a successful strategy for the recovery of the travel industry with tailored activities for hotels. This whitepaper will give insights into how hotels can substantiate their planning and actions for the future and what needs to be considered in order to be prepared as far as possible for an uncertain future.

This whitepaper aims to inform hotels about currently available business, which in some cases might help to survive the time until the upturn.

Additionally, it provides insight into the topic of planning and forecasting from a revenue management perspective, the foreseeable behaviour of different markets and resulting actions for the hotels. It guides hotels along the cornerstones of distribution and pricing and provides guidance with key issues hotels should consider when analysing their business.

The paper is rounded off with a short excursus on the topic of marketing. The whitepaper is intended to be a guideline for hoteliers for evaluating and assessing their business, sharpen their view of the future and provide practical tips for hotels to find their way out of the crisis.

Contents covered:

  • What business is currently possible
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Analysis of market segmentation and action points
  • Distribution strategy – partner review, new partners, feeder markets
  • Hotel pricing in the recovery phase
  • Strategies for the group segment
  • Marketing and visibility of your hotel

You can access the whitepaper here.

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