Welcome to one of our Hotel Tech chats. In this discussion we are joined by the A-Team:

🔹 Alexander Edström and Alexandra Fjällman of Atomize

NB: Atomize are one of our Expert Partners

In this discussion we look at price optimisation, what is it, why do it and how to do it.

We explore the factors influencing price optimisation, the number of calculations involved, why you can’t optimize without some form of technology and resistance to investing – ultimately leaving revenue on the table.

We get the chance to look at the Atomize solution, understand price recommendations, the autopilot option and we see how the user is always in control.

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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🎥 We discuss a number of areas so we have broken the video down into a timeline:

  • Guest welcome and topic intro (1m10s)
  • Price optimisation – what is it (2m08s)
  • 3 pillars that influence price optimisation (7m22s)
  • Why you can’t optimise without technology (13m07s)
  • Reservations to adopting technology (16m34s)
  • Intro to Atomize demo (21m58s)
  • Most urgent price recommendations (23m35s)
  • Why is this price being recommended (27m42s)
  • Autopilot – but still in control (33m16s)
  • Dashboard overview (39m10s)
  • ROI rather than a cost (41m48s)
  • Summary (43m58s)
  • Final Thoughts (45m16s)

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