one hot air balloon rising above 4 others reflecting importance for hotels to adjust their booking behaviour before competition do

Take Advantage Of Changing Booking Behavior Before Your Competition

Make forward-looking demand signals, such as monitoring of booking behavior part of the data set that informs your pricing decisions

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price optimisation what why how demo time atomize interview youtube thumbnail

Price Optimisation: The What, The Why and The How

We explore factors influencing price optimisation, number of calculations involved, why you can’t optimize without some technology and resistance to engage

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atomize and trivago data partnership announcement thumbnail image

Atomize Announce a Data Partnership with Trivago

Search data from trivago will enhance Atomize’s demand modeling and generate more revenue by optimizing rates in response to real-time market demand

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mechanical figure in the thinkers pose pondering should hotel pricing be automated or not automated

Hotel Pricing: To Automate or Not to Automate

The world changes real time, an optimal approach would be to assess your room pricing every second, every day, to detect and respond to subtle market change

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person looking at a hotel neighbour reflecting the fact hoteliers should not overlook competitor data in their pricing strategies

Don’t Overlook Competitor Data in Your Pricing Strategy

Some may argue that competitor data shouldn’t impact your pricing strategy, we believe the pandemic has reinforced it can and should be an indicator

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pandemic has brough about change in the revenue management functions

Hotel Revenue Management in a Time of Great Change

This white paper examines the tasks associated with revenue management and the reasons why the function was often burdened with workload issues

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ligula hospitality group choose atomize automated pricing solution

Automated Pricing: Implemented and Deployed in 38 Hotels in 5 Weeks

A combination of growing demand and automated pricing adjustments, in real time, provided Atomize with the perfect conditions to deliver impressive results

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image for press release about JA Resorts choosing Atomize RMS

JA Resorts & Hotels Choose Atomize as Exclusive RMS Provider

JA Resorts & Hotels desired an RMS that had the ability to deliver just in time optimal pricing decisions their Revenue Managers can rely on

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man looking in despair reflecting on staffing impact on the hotel industry

Understaffing: How Your Hotel Can Thrive Despite This Challenge

Staff shortages can negatively affect a hotel in many ways. Once the guest experience suffers, a hotel’s reputation will begin to decline as well

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image of hotel uplugged in amsterdam

Hotel Unplugged: Next-Gen Accommodation With a Next-Gen Tech Stack

Using an RMS that does not offer hotel competitor data can almost be compared to participating in a race with your eyes blindfolded

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