man looking in despair reflecting on staffing impact on the hotel industry

Understaffing: How Your Hotel Can Thrive Despite This Challenge

Staff shortages can negatively affect a hotel in many ways. Once the guest experience suffers, a hotel’s reputation will begin to decline as well

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image of hotel uplugged in amsterdam

Hotel Unplugged: Next-Gen Accommodation With a Next-Gen Tech Stack

Using an RMS that does not offer hotel competitor data can almost be compared to participating in a race with your eyes blindfolded

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heart made up of data showing the importance of future facing demand data to maximize revenue

Future Facing Demand Data: Key to Maximizing Revenue in Trying Times

Leveraging forward-looking demand data in revenue management has many advantages. Let’s go over the three most important ones

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Atomize Juyo Partnership Announcement image

Atomize RMS and Juyo Analytics Join Forces to Empower Commercial Teams

By joining forces, Atomize and Juyo provide hotels with a solution that covers proactive, tactical price automation to reactive strategic data intelligence

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cogs in shape of human face reflecting how hotels can supplement and support their revenue manager with a good revenue management solution

Top 5 Things to Consider When Investing in an RMS

Especially in the current market, a powerful RMS can make the difference between missing wave after wave of demand versus riding every wave to the beach

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atomize pre-ipo announcement image

Atomize Raises 3.4 Million Euros in a Pre-IPO Funding Round

Atomize plans to use its financing to continue developing its products and invest in distributing its platform to larger hotel chains and related segments

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made in louise hotel outside

Navigating the Pandemic and Recovery with Innovative Hotel Tech

Hotel tech has developed leaps and bounds. From a wider choice in PMSs and more advanced RMS to guest-facing apps: hoteliers have never had a larger choice

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image for atomize article about hospitality innovators rms deal

Hospitality Innovators Signs with Atomize as Their Selected RMS Partner

Hospitality Innovators Inc (HII) has named Atomize, the revolutionary RMS provider, as exclusive partner for their managed hotels in the Philippines

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stones balanced together reflecting how revenue optimization is only achieved by working together and breaking down silos

Lean Revenue Management: Sophisticated Shouldn’t Mean Complicated

Often the uncoordinated and misaligned activities of sales, marketing, revenue management and general management resulted in missed opportunities

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black and white picture of man sitting next to old technology depicting how a hotel is slow to invest in rms technology

Is Automation in Revenue Management Really the Answer?

How revenue managers can leverage automation through sophisticated revenue management tools to boost business during the ramp-up

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