In this podcast episode we talk with Osvaldo Mauro and Silvia Cantarella, co-founders of Profiter.

We discuss the current Distribution landscape and how, through the use of AI and predictive intelligence, inventory allocation can be optimised amongst intermediated distributors to reduce commissions and cancellations thereby driving more profitable revenue, consistently.

Following are areas we cover in this discussion:

  • How is Distribution handled today, what are the limitations and how has it evolved.
  • What is the true OTA CPS (Cost per Sale)
    • Commission
    • Fidelity programs
    • Cancellation rates
    • Promotion costs
  • Building dynamic rates for each channel to increase profitability
  • Utilisation of predictive analytics to aid granular selection of channels based on product type, channel cost, booking window, etc.
  • What is the future of distribution
    • What part will Google play
    • Personalised pricing
    • Personalised inventory of rooms per different channel

Profiter Bio

Profiter focuses on improving distribution by delivering more profitable revenue, consistently. With predictive intelligence, the startup improves profitability by optimizing inventory allocation. Its proprietary artificial intelligence engine makes real-time decisions on which is the most profitable channel for inventory distribution. It also sets a recommendation engine on how to improve the overall distribution. The black box actively manages inventory, while also monitoring and forecasting future trends to consistently improve its recommendations.

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