Welcome to another of our coffee time chats. Today we are joined by:

🔹 Marc Fleischer from Strategic Solution Partners, one of our Expert Partners

In today’s discussion we look at the impact of ineffective maintenance prevention on hotel costs, guest satisfaction, future revenue and, ultimately, hotel profit.

We explore attitudes amongst hotel GMs around preventative maintenance and the balancing act post Covid.

Using a number of anecdotal stories and experiences we extrapolate the potential impact on hotels costs, refunds and reputation damage.

Finally, we consider two simple tasks that can be implemented right now to reduce future risks.

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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🎥 We discuss a number of areas so we have broken the video down into a timeline:

00:00 – Video start and topic intro
02:17 – Guest introduction
03:50 – GMs approach to preventative maintenance
07:01 – Problem areas and potential impact
09:12 – Broader implications of specific problem – Recirculation
14:17 – Extrapolating out to revenue, reputation and profit impact
18:35 – Another example to further illustrate – Refrigeration
24:02 – Another not so obvious problem area
29:40 – 2 simple ways to prevent these issues
33:54 – Wrapping up
36:09 – Subscribe and more videos

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