Pace, the industry-leading pricing solution announces its partnership with OTA Insight, the cloud-based data intelligence platform for the hospitality industry. Through this partnership, OTA Insight and Pace worked together at delivering a best-in-class integration.

With this partnership, any of OTA Insight customers who utilise both Rate Insight and Pace RMS can now request to integrate their rates directly into their RMS system, offering them the ability to analyse their competitor rates and pricing recommendations simultaneously, and in one single environment.

The integration of rate shopping data between both platforms is a significant stride forward for the industry, offering significant benefits from both companies working hand in hand to deliver a seamless and rapid integration to all global properties in need of an all-in-one solution.

Using Pace and Rate Insight data together will enable hoteliers to benefit from:

  • Real-time market data: Recurring feeds from Rate Insight into Pace
  • Detailed competitor rates: Per channel and room type
  • Enhanced analysis: Ability to enrich their RMS reports with rates from Rate Insight

Today, Pace is on track to disrupt the world of revenue optimisation, with over €1 billion of annual revenue under management and more than 500 properties relying on Pace for its data-driven, automated optimisation.

“Now, more than ever, hotels need access to accurate and real-time information about the world around them, and deep analytics to understand how they should be responding. This is one of those beautiful partnerships that enable you to access the two leaders in these respective areas, all in one place !” Jens Munch – Pace’s CEO

“Pace and OTA insight have a similar mission to drive innovation and revenues for hotels. This partnership will enable hotels to optimise their pricing with the most accurate, real-time and actionable data. This partnership will allow hoteliers to make data driven decisions in order to work more efficiently and drive revenue growth.” says Joris Beerten – OTA Insight’s Global Commercial Director

About Pace

Pace provides different Revenue Optimization solutions, including an industry-leading pricing platform and a BI tool combining deep science, experts of the industry, and take advantage of the technologies available to offer the most complete solution. The services are used by 500+ hotels already across 45 countries and most clients have demonstrated a revenue increase between 5%-10%.

About OTA Insight

OTA Insight empowers hoteliers to make smarter revenue and distribution decisions through its market-leading suite of cloud-based business intelligence solutions including Market Insight,  Rate Insight, Parity Insight and Revenue Insight. With live updates, 24/7 support from our customer success team, and a highly-intuitive and customizable dashboard, the OTA Insight platform integrates with other industry tools including hotel property management systems, leading RMS solutions and data benchmarking providers.

For more information, contact Pace or OTA Insight.