robot and human playing chess reflecting the age old question of will ai replace the hotel revenue manager

Will AI Replace Hotel Revenue Managers? The Million $$ Question

By offloading repetitive tasks to AI, revenue managers can focus on higher-value activities that require human expertise and critical thinking

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millennial guests at a hotel illustrating the impact they have on booking trends and hotels need to know to drive guest experience and revenue in 2024

10 Booking Trends and Stats to Drive Guest Experience and Revenue

Hotels have an incredible opportunity to exceed guest expectations and maximize revenue potential with the help of new-age tools and processes

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a female face with data overlayed reflecting importance for hotels to democratize their data as a first step to successful revenue performance

Democratizing Data is First Step to Successful Revenue Performance

If you trust your data and tools, the barriers to empowering your your revenue managers to make data-driven decisions should naturally fade away

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article image from flyr for hospitality about case study with tailormade hotels managing a complex revenue mix and revolutionizing pricing strategy

How to Handle an Eclectic Inventory and Complex Revenue Mix (Case Study)

With an eclectic inventory and a broad range of customer types, they needed revenue management technology that could handle a complex revenue mix

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person with keyboard and graphs reflecting the power ai first business intelligence and analytics technology can have on hotel operations

Unleash the Power of AI-First Business Intelligence and Analytics

In this era of endless digital progression, the ability to leverage AI and data is a game-changer. And hotel executives possess the power to change the game

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human head surrounded by dots reflecting data emphasising how ai augmented decision intelligence is the next paradigm shift in hotel revenue management

The Next Paradigm Shift in Hospitality Revenue Management

Just because an RM system bears an AI moniker in its marketing doesn’t suddenly turn it into a revenue management silver bullet

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2 people at a white board evaluating a technology solution possibly a hotel rms

7 Tips to Make a Winning Business Case for a New Hotel RMS

If your organization is currently using a legacy RMS system, it may not be able to handle the increasing complexity of today’s revenue management challenges

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view out of car with satnav reflecting how hotels can drive profitability with precision by utilsing ai and the pivotal role it can play in revenue management

Driving Profitability with Precision: AI’s Pivotal Role in Revenue Management

The key to being successful in revenue management is following data trends closely to set the right price for the right guest, AI is perfectly suited to support this hotel function

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green apple and red apple bing compared the same even thought they are different just because they are apples in much the same way hotels still use compsets just because they are all hotels

Stop Using CompSets to Make Pricing Decisions

Those CompSets themselves are being driven by irrelevant factors like employee emotions and outdated RM systems that are not fit for purpose

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3 people working in a hybrid hotel demonstrates the varied inventory needs required to respond to demand

How Hybrids & Hostels Can Rapidly Shift Inventory For Changes in Demand

Hybrids face unique challenges that include complexity of different inventory types in the same building but they also have particularly demanding customers

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