increasing coins under monopoly hotel pieces reflecting net ADR, the most important KPI hotels should pay attention to

Net ADR: The Most Important KPI You Should Pay Attention To

A rigorous net ADR analysis, that also takes into account discounts and all types of costs, is a core competency every revenue manager should have

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10 Effective Ways To Attract Hotel Customers

A challenge common to hotels seeking to attract new guests to their hotel is the challenge of an overcrowded and competitive marketplace

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How To Offset Seasonality Impact By Increasing Mid Week Occupancy Rates

We look at how a hotel increased their summer mid-week occupancy rates and how to apply this strategy across different seasons

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Hotel Guest Experience Needs To Improve To Maintain Rates

Prioritizing the guest experience comes at the cost of profitability but is necessary in order to maintain the rate growth seen over the past few years

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Hotel Companies Tout Strength of Recovery

Recent second-quarter earnings reports from the major hotel companies points to a sustained recovery within the global industry

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graphs which could reflect different pricing amongst competitor hotels rate

Application of a Variable Pricing Strategy Based on Rate Shopper Data

Competition price intelligence, delivered by rate shopping tools, is needed to understand when the best moment is to increase the price and by how much

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5 Ways to Increase RevPAR Without Increasing Room Rate

5 focus areas that you should consider prioritising, adjusting and monitoring to increase RevPAR and capture more profit before increasing room rate

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coins flying off reflecting how conversion rates can be impacted by parity performance

How Your Conversion Rate Is Affected By Parity Performance

How much additional direct revenue could you capture if you lowered the number of parity violations and proportionally raised your conversion rates by 56%?

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Using Rate Intelligence for Revenue Management

Analytics is the bread and butter of revenue management. Provided in real time and conveniently visualized, it’s key to succeeding at the following tasks

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How Is Inflation Impacting Demand And Hotel Rates Across Europe?

Looking across Europe, room rates are soaring. But, the rise in prices isn’t purely inflationary pressures, there is extraordinarily high demand levels too

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