Welcome to another Expert Insights discussion.

Today we are joined by:

🔹 Connor Vanderholm

CEO and Co-founder of Topline, one of our Expert Partners

We speak with Connor at Hampton Inn & Suites Orem whilst he is out and about on a business road trip. He outlines what he feels are some misconceptions of where Revenue Managers sit in the demand equation and what they are responsible for – which is primarily Yield Management.

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He explains there seems to be a misunderstanding that Revenue Managers create demand.

Revenue Managers can capture and capitalize on demand that is there, but they do not create it. Yes, demand can be created, but Connor believes that is the function of marketing, ecommerce and sales – working in conjunction with Revenue Management.

Hope you enjoy it 🤞👍


01:23 Guest Welcome
02:14 The cold truth about transient demand
03:20 Revenue Management is Yield Management
06:55 Only part of the demand creation process
10:20 Responsible for capturing or capitalising demand
14:15 Post pandemic issues exacerbating the situation
15:56 Wrap Up

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