Intro to PPC: 6 In-Depth AdWords Resources for Hoteliers

Competing with others in today’s fast-paced business environment is hard—especially for hotel owners. With the introductions of the OTA’s independent hoteliers must maintain razor-thin margins to stay competitive, but even at ultra-low prices, getting customers in the door can be a struggle.

There’s nothing easy or pleasant about it; more business professionals want a piece of the pie and customers want the most convenient and affordable—not necessarily just the most delicious—pie. This is where our intro to PPC comes into play.

To find success in the crowded hotel climate of today, you need an edge on the competition.

And that edge is pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Luckily for readers, this intro to PPC contains all of the information required to not only get started, but to succeed using this ever-popular marketing platform.

But before we get into the specific information that will help your hotel thrive with PPC marketing, let’s take a look at what exactly PPC marketing is.

What sort of intro to PPC would this be without a brief explanation of what the marketing style is?

More seriously, PPC marketing is a style of online advertising in which one is able to market his or her product, service, or in this case, hotel stay, to customers who may very well be interested in what is being offered, as he or she will see the advertisement because recently searched keywords match-up with pre-chosen keywords behind the advertisement (AdWords).

Basically, if someone searched for “hotels in Candyland”, a hotel in Candyland—based upon the selected search term and the searcher’s online behavior—would pop-up.

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