Understanding the diverse types of hotel guests is crucial for hoteliers aiming to provide exceptional service and create memorable experiences.

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Guests come from a myriad of backgrounds, each with unique needs, preferences, and expectations. Whether they’re travelling for business or leisure, seeking luxury or travelling on a budget, each guest represents a unique opportunity to deliver tailored services and experiences.

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While there are hundreds of different reasons to travel, most of your guests will fall into just a few categories, including:

  • Business travellers
  • Leisure travellers
  • Families
  • Luxury travellers 
  • Budget travellers
  • Gen Z
  • Millennials
  • Baby Boomers

Hotel guests by travel reason

The reason for travel is one of the most common and easiest ways of grouping guests together.

Business travellers

Business travellers are individuals who journey across cities, countries, and continents for professional reasons. This could range from attending corporate events, trade exhibitions, and conferences, to exploring new investment opportunities or strengthening customer relationships.

These individuals, often representing their organisations, are a vital segment in the hotel industry.  They value efficiency and convenience, such as swift check-in and check-out processes, reliable Wi-Fi, and flexible dining options.

Personalisation plays a significant role in meeting their needs. For example, offering a tranquil room equipped with a comfortable workspace can enhance their productivity and overall stay.

Leisure travellers

Leisure travellers are those who take a break from their daily routine to indulge in a vacation. These trips are typically marked by stays in comfortable hotels or resorts, beach relaxation, sightseeing, and exploring local tourist attractions. Leisure travellers are often in search of relaxation and entertainment. 

They value amenities such as swimming pools, spa facilities, and local tour arrangements. Providing personalised experiences, like customised travel itineraries or unique dining experiences, can enrich their stay and prompt them to return.


Family travellers focus on sharing and engaging with others, usually travelling in family groups, sometimes with friends or multiple families as well. While they have high to medium income they put a lot of faith in word of mouth and recommendations from other travellers. They tend to fall in the 25-49 age group.

Families require spacious rooms and family-friendly amenities. Providing services such as babysitting, kid-friendly menus, and entertainment can make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable. Remember to personalise their stay by preparing their room according to the age and interests of the children.

Luxury travellers 

Luxury travellers are focused on enjoyment and willing to spend more to obtain it. They often travel as a couple aged 25-49. They seek cities that are hot and coastal and tend to look closely at online reviews.

Luxury travellers expect high-end amenities and exceptional service. They appreciate personalised services, such as private check-in and check-out, personal butler service, and customised dining experiences. Paying attention to small details, such as their preferred room temperature or favourite newspaper, can make their stay memorable.

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