family sitting on a hotel bed illustrating the value of hotel package offerings to drive bookings, occupancy and revenue

Common Hotel Package Examples and Some Unique Ideas

Far more than just a room booking, a hotel package aims to provide a holistic experience, often at a discounted rate compared to each element separately

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blocks being stacked in the same way independent hotels should focus more on increasing ancillary revenue

5 Best Ancillary Revenue Ideas to Increase Hotel Revenue Streams

Ancillary revenue becomes a creative and strategic way to level the playing field by leveraging the uniqueness of an independent hotel

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logos of some of the ota booking sites

10 Best Booking Site for Hotels

There are many providers that could be considered among the best third party hotel booking sites, but not every site is the right choice for your business

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5 people holding question marks reflecting the importance for hotels to identify the different review channels to prioritise

Insight Into the Different Types of Hotel Guests

Catering to the needs of different types of hotel guests is crucial for enhancing the guest experience and driving growth in your hotel business

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