Hotwire travel

Hotwire is onboarding several new features into its mobile application to better suit consumers’ needs after identifying some of their typical travel habits, enabling users to book hotel rooms after midnight, choose a bed type when making reservations and secure one-way car rentals.

Hotwire is tweaking its mobile booking platform ahead of the popular summer travel season, showcasing the importance of online travel agencies making continuous updates to their apps in a bid to enhance customers’ transactional experiences. Individuals using Hotwire’s iOS and Android apps will be able to take advantage of a new home screen, as well as features that make room for more personalized options during the booking process.

“We know that many people who book on Hotwire take trips with family and friends,” said Carrie Peters, communications director and senior travel editor at Hotwire. “Being able to offer multiple parties that might be traveling together the option to choose what type of bed they want during their trip is a big plus.

“When I travel with my family, I’m not a huge fan of sleeping in the same bed as my children.”

Revamping booking experiences Hotwire, which seeks to encourage spontaneous travel plans, is enabling app users to find and book vacations in a three-click process. Trips can be booked in under a minute, underscoring the need for marketers to optimize their transactional experiences in a way that promotes speediness.

One of Hotwire’s new features lets individuals book hotel rooms after midnight, a capability that may be useful for someone who forgot to make a reservation or has had plans change unexpectedly.

Consumers can also book car rentals for one-way trips, which may be ideal for someone moving to a new home, taking a cross-country vacation or making other travel accommodations after having an airline flight cancelled or delayed.

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