Five useful AdWords features to use during the peak booking season

With the peak holiday booking season almost upon us, advertisers need to be aware of the AdWords features that can help a campaign succeed.

Here are five features of AdWords that need attention:

1. Audience retargeting

Making a holiday purchase is an action seldom completed in one visit. Buyers will visit a destination site and check packages and prices available, log off and have a think.

When the buyer next goes online and again starts their journey at a search engine, it’s very useful for an advertiser to be able to retarget previous site visitors to drive them back through to completion.

This can be done through the audience’s tab within the AdWords interface, where by you can select to retarget people that have visited the website and increase your bid by a percentage suitable to your campaign.

2. Structured snippets

Structured snippets are a useful addition to any AdWords campaign as this feature can really help an advertiser provide more information regarding their product or services.

Take an example from outside travel.  A plumber may wish to show the brands of boilers that he/she is authorised to install.

Using structured snippets, the plumber could list a number of brands so that potential customers can read the list and recognise the brand of the boiler they currently have or wish to have.

This is another powerful way of increasing the amount of space an advertiser’s ad takes within the results whilst also offering another piece of information that could engage potential customers.

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