person clicking on a mobile showing value of hotel ppc mobile campaigns

Mobile pay-per-click (Mobile PPC) ads are a great tool to help hoteliers, or advertisers in any industry, reach their customers on the go.

NB: This is an article from Travelboom

We are well past the mobile tipping point and having a focused mobile strategy is now an essential piece to the overall marketing puzzle.

Search engines are constantly evolving with user behavior to provide a better overall user experience. From a natural search perspective, several mobile-friendly updates have rolled out that place more emphasis on a user-friendly mobile experience.

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From a paid search perspective, search engines are rolling out with more complex reporting tools to provide a cohesive picture of the cross-device customer journey so advertisers can see the impact of their mobile campaigns.

How can your hotel best leverage mobile PPC opportunities? We’ve got the scoop.

Mobile Search Behavior

It is important for hotels to first consider mobile search behavior and user intent before developing a paid mobile strategy.

What are consumers searching for related to your industry when they are on a mobile device?

For hotels, this might be anything from researching destinations and accommodations at the beginning of the search funnel to quickly booking a last-minute hotel for a sudden business trip.

Hotels must have a solid understanding of where their property fits into the search funnel and how they can utilize mobile to best capitalize on searcher intent.

If someone is researching destinations, is that really the best time for your hotel to show an ad via a mobile device?

Or, if a person is researching your brand to check out your hotel before they book, would you want to be present then? Who else is bidding on these terms, and what do their ads say?

Additionally, how do people typically engage with your website via a mobile device? How is your mobile website experience? Do people typically complete a booking from their device or are they calling the property to book?

These are all questions that you will want to keep in mind when devising a mobile PPC strategy.

Mobile Keywords

It is important to note that you might not want to run mobile ads on the same keywords you run desktop ads.

Keyword testing is key to determining the best keyword set that will deliver the best return from mobile.

That may include testing mobile-focused or on-the-go campaigns like “hotels near me” or “places to stay near me”. Just remember to set a radius around your location. Doing so ensures your ads will only appear for searchers that are near your hotel.

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