dynamic search ads for hotels

For those of you that are not familiar with Dynamic search ads for hotels, let me briefly explain what they are. Dynamic search ads, or “DSA” are a way to dynamically serve customized advertisements to your potential customers via Google Adwords. Google uses their web crawling ability to show the user the most relevant piece of content on your website and ties it into one of your AdWords ads. If done correctly, this could mean better coverage of keywords, with ads that are relevant to the user, at impressive scale.

You can imagine the time-saving possibilities from a managerial perspective. You could save precious time because you won’t have to create each and every ad. If you are in Sales or Marketing, then you probably also caught on to the boost in relevancy for the user. It is safe to say, that if you put “time saving” and “more relevant” together, then the outcome should be BETTER ROI.

The purpose of this article isn’t to show you how good the ads can be, but instead to show you that there are some caveats to DSA’s. Below I will outline some of the most common in the hotel industry, and I will let you know how you can solve them. Once you know the potential risks that are out there, you can make a more informed decision on whether you should implement Dynamic Search Ads.

How to Get Started With Dynamic Search Ads: A Backstory

I would start by having a look into your Google Analytics to see if there are any patterns that stick out. This should be focused on areas of your website that are either getting a decent amount of traffic, or pages that have quality goal conversions.

A good place to start with Google Analytics is on the All Pages tab in your Behavior Reports.

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