Big-name brands have already entered into partnerships with ride-sharing services such as Uber and more such collaborations are expected to roll out in the future due to the convenience they offer users and the inherent revenue potential for marketers.

Brands running the gamut from the hospitality sector to the financial industry have entered into alliances with Uber to offer customers free rewards and simultaneously maximize revenue potential for their own companies. While marketers must ultimately decide whether a long-term or short-term partnership is in its best interest, this strategy will only become more popular as the year progresses and as mobile commerce opportunities widen.

“Over the past year we have seen a spike in the number of marketing campaigns that are executed in partnership with ridesharing apps,” said Shuli Lowy, marketing director at Ping Mobile, New York. “As these apps continue to battle for market share, many have introduced cross-promotional partnerships that keep the apps fresh and the consumer experience dynamic.

“The partnerships also allow other brands to engage their fans through the new, exciting medium and has been driving impressive results,” she said. “Marketers are often beholden to different sets KPIs—some of which are focused on brand awareness, user growth, and retention.

“Short-term and long-term programs with Uber serve different key objectives.”

Real utility and convenience
Ridesharing apps have undoubtedly experienced a meteoric rise thanks to the sheer convenience they offer customers. When a major brand teams up with a taxi service, the utility is often so great that it prompts consumers to leverage the partnerships for their own use.

For example, Hilton Worldwide ushered in a partnership with Uber by enabling guests to set ride reminders, request vehicles to and from nearby locations as well as explore local scenes via a digital guide powered by Uber within the HHonors loyalty app (see story).

The ability to earn loyalty points for using the Uber feature within the HHonors app is likely a nice incentive for travelers, who may opt to stay at a Hilton property to snag those rewards, therefore driving sales for the hospitality brand.

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