Decoding Hotel Demand: Mastering Hotel Seasonality for Profit

Instead of looking at what the hotel needs, hoteliers should ask why the hotel demand is lower for these specific days or seasons

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What are the Pros and Cons of Dynamic Pricing?

By focusing on area supply and area demand, hotel dynamic pricing allows room rates to fluctuate constantly to capture more business

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Economic Uncertainty be Damned, Revenge Travel is Unstoppable!

The revenge travel trend seems to be holding strong, and exponential levels of demand and direct bookings seem likely to continue in 2023

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There Is No Such Thing as Forward Looking Data

The phrase “forward looking data” will be less used, and hotels will go back and talk about the good old calendar with seasons, holidays, events, etc

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Higher Demand Weekends Produce More Loyalty Point Redemption

A rise in loyalty point redemption is sparking hotel brands to leverage strategies that drive greater brand loyalty among untapped traveler segments

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wooden blocks with letters spelling out internal external factros reflecting elements for hotels to consider when looking at demand forecasting in revenue management

Demand Forecasting in Revenue Management: Key Success Factors

But what are these data sources exactly? What do you need to focus on as you predict demand for your hotel business over the coming year and beyond?

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beachside telescope reflecting need for hotels while forecasting forward to utilise future demand data

How Demand Forecasting Helps Increase Revenue and Develop Marketing Strategy?

Accurately forecasting future demand for hotel rooms can help hotels increase revenue in several ways. Here are the most important ones:

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Benefits and Challenges in Forecasting Hotel Demand

Total revenue forecasting in the hotel industry involves predicting the total revenue a hotel will likely generate over a given period

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two chess pieces with one fallen over reflecting risk hotels can have of leaving revenue on the table

6 Ways Your Hotel Risk Missing Out On Revenue Opportunities

Go through the following six points to see how you may be leaving revenue on the table and how you can easily turn things around

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Discover The Most Profitable Rate For Your Rooms - For Free !! Youtube Video Thumbnail

Discover The Most Profitable Rate For Your Rooms – For Free !!

Our localized demand predictor helps you identify fluctuations in demand before they happen, making it easy to choose the best rate

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