Hotel Revenue Forecasting: Definitions, Models and Best Practices

The outcome of your forecasting should always be the ability to react to market changes, optimise occupancy, and maximise revenue

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Pricing Power No Longer Following Demand Post Pandemic

Luxury hotels may be leading rate recovery, but pricing has reached pre-pandemic levels extremely rapidly, with all six classes reporting ADR highs

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one hot air balloon rising above 4 others reflecting importance for hotels to adjust their booking behaviour before competition do

Take Advantage Of Changing Booking Behavior Before Your Competition

Make forward-looking demand signals, such as monitoring of booking behavior part of the data set that informs your pricing decisions

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How to Capture and Create Hotel Demand

Adopting these techniques to convert existing demand and create demand from new sources, you’ll put your hotel in a position to outperform your competitors

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5 Ways We Should Rethink Demand Right Now

The challenge with this approach to measuring demand is that these benchmarking services only measure converted demand for hotels

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