Create Epic Hotel Marketing Content with Limited Time & Resources

The quest to create epic content is real, my friends, and it is reaching mythic levels. Everyday, SEOs write, speak, and share content about the correlation between dynamite landing pages and search engine dominance.

The race for evergreen content is the biggest trend in the current landscape of SEO, and the data cannot be denied. Unfortunately, striving for such lofty goals requires significant time, resources, and cash flow. In the real world, modest budgets, finite client hours, and unexpected obstacles mount barriers on the journey to behemoth content.

Fortunately, you don’t actually have to reinvent the wheel to create great content. By making efficient use of search analytics, Google AdWord data, and some crafty search engine sleuthing, you can create great content with limited time and resources.

When it is time to create your next landing page, take advantage of these simple techniques to become an Alpha King in the SERPs.

The Conceit

For the purpose of this illustration, we will examine a fictional hotel in the scenic town of Munster, Indiana, located just across the state line from suburban Chicago. Let’s call it the Gumball Inn Munster. We will explore the steps a hotelier can take to create epic content, from idea generation to copywriting to implementing interactive elements on a brand new landing page. With the right data and a little bit of savvy, you’ll level up in no time.

Strap in. We’re going to Munster.

Generate Your Next Landing Page Idea

Challenge the First: Landing Page Ideation
“It’s been a real long time since I’ve published a new landing page,” a befuddled hotelier may admit. “Even worse, I don’t know what to write about. What the heck should I do?”

Head to Search Console: The Proof is in the Data

In theory, you can write about anything. It’s the internet, dude. However, to write useful content with an increased likelihood to perform well in the SERPs, look to your Search Console data. Google Search Console tells you exactly what people are typing when they find your website, how many times each phrase is searched, where each query ranks in the SERPs, and how many clicks each phrase receives. It is pretty amazing stuff. In plainer terms, you know which queries Google associates with your hotel’s websitesite. Do not reinvent the wheel, my friends. Leverage this data to determine the most effective topic for your unique site.

Search Console Walk-Through

I know, I know. I just dropped a bunch of technical jargon. Take a look at this step-by-step walkthrough to extract the perfect landing page topic for your hotel website from Search Console’s (manageable) expanse of data.

Find the Search Analytics Report

Log into your hotel website’s Google Search Console account and navigate to the Search Traffic menu on the left-hand side. Click into the Search Analytics report and behold the colossal wealth of website data.

use google search console for content ideas

Filter Out Branded Keywords

Since the purpose of this project is to identify opportunities to reach new customers, remove all branded keywords from this report. By filtering out searches for your specific hotel from the Search Analytics report, you can better evaluate how your hotel fares in the competitive realm of Google’s organic search.

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