hotels guest looking at their phone illustrating the value of crafting a personalised digital guest experience

Travellers planning their holidays spend countless hours immersed in endless research, exploring destinations, modes of travel, schedules, and places to stay.

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Choosing a hotel can be particularly overwhelming due to the plethora of options available, and travellers will inevitably opt for the one that speaks to them the most. You need to differentiate yourself from the crowd and ensure you are the top choice for your target audience.

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To be their pick, you have to demonstrate your ability to meet their needs during their research phase—you have to grab their attention online. We will look at why you should provide a personalised digital guest experience and what are some easy ways for you to get started straight away.

Why a Tailored Digital Guest Experience is Crucial for Hotels

Being able to offer a personalised guest experience in the digital world is beneficial for both hotels and guests. Modern travellers expect a personalised experience, and hotels that can’t offer this may miss out on prospective guests. Adapting online interactions to individual needs and preferences is now crucial in fulfilling guest expectations and delivering guests’ desired service.

With a personalised digital experience, guests receive quick and easy relevant information for their interests and needs. As a result, you are sure to get your relationship started on the right foot. With this initial boost of satisfaction, guests are more likely to return to your hotel in the future. On top of that, they’re likely to spend more. By offering personalised deals and incentives, hotels can promote additional facilities and services, leading to increased revenue.

First Moves: Harnessing Data to Get to Know Your Guests

Collecting initial information about your guests is relatively straightforward. When a booking is made, details like the dates of stay and the number of guests are automatically recorded in your PMS. You may want to check out information like check-in and check-out times, room preferences, and spending habits to create offers that really suit your target audience’s needs and habits.

However, you need to dig deeper than that. Think about compiling data from various sources, like your social media platforms. Have a look into your analytics and see who is interacting with you by liking your posts, commenting, or even just following you. A detailed analysis of your website traffic can also provide valuable insights.

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