Hi, welcome to another Expert Partner discussion

Today we are joined by Rhiannon Bach who is the new Director of Sales North America for Atomize, one of our Expert Partners

Rhiannon’s background is hospitality through and through, with a strong background in marketing and general management with some of the worlds best known casino and hotel brands in Asia, Australia and North America.

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We thought it would be interesting, to get a perspective on the direction of travel for revenue management, and the part an RMS or pricing solution can play, from someone who has recently stepped across from the hotel side to the tech side

If you are interested in exploring Atomize RMS – feel free to reach out to Rhiannon, rhiannon@atomize.com, and schedule an exploration call

During the conversation we touch on subjects such as:

  • what does the future hold for revenue management and the RMS evolution
  • will we eventually move to total revenue or will the focus on profit mean netrev becomes the predominant metric
  • why do hoteliers still struggle to invest in an RMS or pricing solution
  • where should I be investing in my hotel (and it’s not the obvious answer)
  • what should I consider if I want to take the step and invest in a pricing solution

Really hope you enjoy the conversation

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We discuss a number of areas so we have broken the video down into a timeline:

00:50 Guest introduction
03:02 Broad question, what do you think is the future of revenue management and evolution of the RMS
06:39 Will Total Revenue eventually be cracked or will profit and NetRev be more the more dominant focus
09:35 Why do hoteliers still struggle to make the investment in an RMS or Pricing Solution
12:42 Where should you be investing in your hotel
16:04 What should a hotelier consider if they want to take the first step towards an RM solution
20:20 Is starting simple too simplistic
23:01 Further videos and subscriber link