two people sitting on a large map of the world illustrating buyer journey when planning travel and relevance for advertising

We know that understanding your target audiences’ behavior is a vital part of travel advertising, especially in an increasingly fragmented market. You can make powerful campaign decisions and adapt your marketing plan if you know where your audience is searching, what content they’re interacting with, and what shapes their decisions as they move through the funnel.

NB: This is an article from Expedia Group

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Below, we share some specific ideas, potential solutions, and case studies for using these advertising tools at different stages to connect with travelers and reach your goals.

Inspiration: Shape travelers’ plans early

The inspiration stage, when travelers first begin thinking about a trip, is the start of the buyer’s journey. Our research shows that people spend 33 days in this stage, interacting with their friends, family, social media, and more. This initial phase presents an opportunity for advertisers to build awareness with travelers.

While some marketers may wait to target travelers after showing interest in their destination or offering, advertising during the inspiration stage can allow you to shape that destination decision. Our study shows that travelers are indecisive at this stage, with three out of five travelers considering multiple destinations as they try to figure out where they want to go. This creates a window where you can boost your visibility and showcase the unique amenities, activities, and experiences your destination offers.

To reach these travelers, you’re not tied to a single solution as our advertising tools work individually or together to help you connect with travelers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Research and planning: Reach travelers while they browse

We know that travelers use a variety of resources at this stage to gather and refine their options, including search engines, travel websites, social media, destination websites, and OTAs. You can drive travelers to book with you by targeting them at this stage, so we’ve gathered ways you can use some of our solutions to reach travelers researching and planning.

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