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Over the past two months, I spoke at a couple of events and the topic of how to plan a successful social media campaign popped up at all of them. Social media campaign planning doesn’t need to be very complicated — provided you’re organised and follow the right steps.

Much like learning to ride a bicycle or mastering the art of yoga, the difficulties with social media campaign planning lie in the beginning. Get the start wrong and you’ll hit a lamppost and fall off your bike before you know it. As every mum and dad knows, the secret is to get right back on the bike, pedal harder, and try again.

Get off to a flying start by getting organised and getting the fundamentals right. The first question has to be “What do I actually want to promote?”

Do you want to push an advance booking offer? Increase table bookings for dinner in one of your restaurants? The “What” determines the “Who” — who are you going to promote your offer to?

Don’t just pick the answer to the “What?” question based on what you want, though. You may think that your latest F&B promotion or “Book 2, Stay 3” offer is the height of desirability, but does your (potential) guest share your sentiment?

Use social intelligence to find out what’s worth promoting and what isn’t — in other words, see how many views content related to the various offers you could promote gets across your social media profiles and on your website and then pick one of the top three most popular offers and start thinking about the “Who”.

Not every offer is suitable for every audience and promoting an offer to the wrong audience, even if you’re getting everything else right, will result in the bike meeting the lamppost.

Put yourself in the guests’ shoes and try and figure out what the best target audience for the promotion is.

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