Today we are joined by 3 guests:

🔹 Veit Meier – Director of Operations and Development at berner+becker
🔹 Till Benthien – Senior Revenue Manager and Head of Employee Development at berner+becker
🔹 Vassilis Syropoulos – Founder and CEO at Juyo Analytics

In today’s video we discuss the topic of Forward Looking Data

👇 During the discussion we touch on:

🔸What is Forward Looking Data and how far forward are we looking?
🔸Is Forward Looking Data the Holy Grail or a just shiny new distraction?
🔸What are some of the forward looking data sets?
🔸What can I actually do with some of this data?

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Here are the chapters:

  • Guest Introductions (1:52)
  • What is considered forward looking data? (3:28)
  • Is forward looking data the holy grail or a shiny new distraction? (4:28)
  • Are we looking days, weeks or months ahead? (9:40)
  • What are typical forward looking data sources? (12:37)
  • Extra Data is all well and good but what can I actually do with it? (18:31)
  • Can we use it for better targeting and to create demand? (25:01)
  • How does our comp set fit into forward looking data consideration? (31:05)
  • Can I afford to invest, or can I afford not to? (39:04)
  • Wrap up (44:51)

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