In the past few sessions with Userguest, one of our Expert Partners, we talked about the power of RevMarketing Automation and today we explore a success story with Yotel.

To take us through this discussion we are joined by:

🔹 Augustin Cacot, VP Demand for Yotel
🔹 Cristina Blaj, Brand Ambassador for Userguest

We talk about how Yotel embraced RevMarketing Automation to connect the demand and revenue priorities in their direct channel, the benefits they have derived from RMA, how it is adapted to their different properties in different locations and how this technology supports Augustin’s needs from a Group perspective.

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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We touch on what RevMarketing Automation is and what it can do for hotels, what Yotel were doing (before Userguest) to connect the demand and revenue priorities in your direct channel, how RMA helps Yotel solve occupancy needs and boost revenue based on each property’s objectives and how does the Userguest solution work with hotel groups and how does it show data across the group portfolio.

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01:30 Topic and Guest introduction
06:30 What challenges were you facing that prompted you to consider a solution
08:00 How is the Userguest solution utilised in Yotel and other clients
14:45 What benefits have Yotel derived by adopting Userguest
18:20 How does Userguest support different individual properties and needs
21:13 How does Userguest support a hotel group with multi properties
26:30 View on developing technology internally or work with partners
35:30 Final thoughts and future Userguest developments
37:45 Further videos and subscriber link