Refine Your Hotel's TripAdvisor Strategy

Three key elements to consider right now: Millions of potential hotel guests visit TripAdvisor every month to plan their journeys, at present, the company reports an average of 390 million monthly unique visitors and has listings for 7 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions.

For hoteliers, a TripAdvisor listing has long ceased to be nice-to-have, or something that can be created and then forgotten. It’s a vital information source that helps hotels increase their visibility, and form stronger relationships with guests through ratings and reviews.

And in an age when user reviews help create and maintain the public’s perception of a brand, TripAdvisor offers hoteliers a chance to quickly address any perceived negative experiences and show a public commitment to guest satisfaction.

Keep your TripAdvisor profile up to date: Details matter

Small details, such as updating your business information online, can easily get lost in the larger, day-to-day challenges of hotel operations. These seemingly minor details can become very important when they impact your potential guests’ expectations.

What travel shoppers see when they’re getting inspired and making decisions creates conscious and unconscious expectations. It’s vital that your TripAdvisor listing shows guests an accurate, up-to-date picture of what they’ll experience during their stay. When your listing matches what guests see on your website and when they arrive at your hotel, you’re much more likely to have happy, engaged guests who are receptive to loyalty offers and open to writing positive reviews of their stay.

So, if you’ve recently remodeled your rooms, if you’ve changed your décor or if you’ve added new amenities to upgrade your facilities, make sure these changes are reflected on TripAdvisor right away, just as they should be on your website and in marketing collateral. Accurate, up-to-date information builds trust and underscores your hotel’s commitment to quality.Image quest: Make your first impression count.

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