The Search Ranking Factor That Your Hotel's Website is Probably Missing

So you want your hotel’s website to rank high in search engines. You have SEO the basics down. Your page titles are on point. Your content is good and provides value to guests and prospective guests. Your navigation is seamless. Any user would have a fantastic experience on your website. But there’s one problem: Your site’s having a hard time ranking in search engine results pages.

Some in the SEO industry don’t want to talk about rankings. You’ll hear this phrase a lot: “It’s not about rankings; it’s about the user experience…and everything will fall into place.” Although we at Revinate believe wholeheartedly that there is truth in that approach (just as there is truth on focusing on guest experience to drive success in a hotel), we also believe that you can help yourself by improving your rankings.

Who wouldn’t want to be on the first page in search results organically? That’s one of our main goals as online marketers. Some 75% of searchers never go past the first page during their search, so it’s imperative that you be on the first page, or that you at least strive to be.

Various ranking factors contribute to ranking your website and content high in search results, but the one that is seemingly ignored across industries is consistently identified as the one with the biggest impact: links. Top influencers in the search industry say links are one of the main contributors to higher rankings.

How Inbound Links Help Your Hotel Website

Simply put, links are a connection between your website and another site. That’s it. The fun part is why they’re important and how they help your website.

A link to your site is a vote for your website. It’s kind of like the popularity contest in high school. When you’re not popular and you make friends with the popular kid, everyone takes notice. When authoritative websites start linking to you, search engines start taking notice.

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