mobile customer engagement feedback

Mobile devices make instant gratification possible and travelers can immediately snap a photo on their cell phone during a trip and email it to family or upload it to Facebook. In fact, over half of US travelers who use mobile internet during their trip are making trip-related updates on social media, but how can hotels encourage this type of on-site and post-stay feedback through the traveler journey?

We’ve already shared how to harness social media as a marketing tool before a customer’s trip and to improve their experience during their visit. The final stage in the traveler journey is sharing the experience to future travelers.  For many mobile users, this piece no longer occurs once they return home.  Instead, it’s posted immediately throughout the trip, using mobile devices as the catalyst.

For years, travelers have turned to online reviews as a source of information.  Despite 92% of travelers trusting earned media more than advertising, only a fraction of guests write reviews after their stay.  Collective ratings provide credibility, so adapt your strategy to encourage feedback on mobile devices.  You’ll tap into additional ratings and potentially reach demographics who otherwise tend not to leave reviews.

Smartphone users are more likely to have limited time since they are pulling their phone out in brief intervals.  Surveys should be quick and to the point and focus on ratings and scores which are easy to provide on mobile interfaces.

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