The hospitality industry is fiercely competitive, and every detail and creative idea can make an impact, giving your business an advantage. Hotel upselling and cross-selling are two strategies to enhance guest experience while generating more revenue. This article explores their importance, focus and key benefits, as well as the role conversational AI can play in the process.

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What is upselling in hotels?

Upselling is a sales technique that encourages hotel guests to purchase room upgrades or higher-end services beyond what was included in their initial booking. The key idea behind a room upsell is to offer enhanced comfort, or even luxury, to the guest’s stay, making it a memorable five-star experience. A hotel upsell programme aims to maximise revenue per available room (RevPAR; learn more in our glossary) through strategic upselling methods at the hotel reception or through a virtual concierge.

10 examples of hotel upselling techniques

  • Room upgrade to a suite with a better view and additional amenities
  • Late check-out for guests who arrive late and may appreciate more rest
  • Breakfast in bed for guests who didn’t include breakfast in their booking
  • A romantic package with flowers, sparkling wine or chocolates
  • A business package with access to a dedicated workspace with office amenities
  • A wellness package with access to the spa and a massage appointment
  • An all-access offer covering a range of hotel amenities and services
  • Seasonal or event-based packages such as New Year’s Eve or big conferences
  • Special arrangements for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries
  • A family offer of connecting rooms or additional beds

What is cross-selling in hotels?

Cross-selling in hospitality involves offering additional services that complement the booking the guest has already made. While it is directly related to generating more revenue, it also contributes to making a stay at the hotel more enjoyable, impacting guest experience and, in the long run, boosting customer loyalty and hotel reputation.

10 examples of hotel cross-selling techniques

  • A dining experience at the hotel’s signature restaurant
  • Tickets to local attractions and tours
  • Spa treatments
  • Gym and fitness class passes
  • Airport shuttle service
  • Branded hotel merchandise, like bathrobes or spa products
  • Masterclasses in mixology at the hotel bar
  • Access to exclusive hotel events
  • Added convenience services like car rental or babysitting
  • Pet care packages for guests travelling with pets

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