9 diversions OTAs use which ruin your profits

After years of working on the OTAs, today I can update the many tricks they use which directly affect the profits of your hotel.

These tricks are much more than simple “gimmicks”. They are, in fact, actual diversions to the detriment of your income and to the benefit of themselves.

The OTAs have virtually unlimited budgets and overwhelm you with their power. Yet, many hotels succeed in reining them in and do very well. The hotel owners who succeed know, and have applied, these 9 tricks with extreme precision.

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The Story of Bob the traveler

In order to illustrate this article and make it more lively, we will create a fictional character: Bob the traveler.

Bob, age 42, has decided to come to Cannes for one week with his wife and son. He does not know precisely where he intends to stay, but he knows that he wants to go during the month of July.

His search to find a hotel begins.

To more easily understand this article, I have simplified the customer’s typical experience.

They redirect your e-reputation

Bob’s first reaction is to check TripAdvisor to find his hotel. As he does not know how to get started, he will simply look at a few beautiful establishments on TripAdvisor.

After some research, he soon discovers a hotel which seems good to him and clicks on “View prices”. But there… great surprise, the prices displayed are those of Booking.com, Expedia.com, etc.!

OTA Trick: they take advantage of your efforts, usurp your various investments to obtain a beautiful e-reputation (customer service, quality of the hotel, friendliness of the staff, etc.) and position themselves directly on review sites like Trivago, TripAdvisor, Kayak, etc.

No advertising to do, just take the hand of your future customers at the time when they identify your hotel!

They redirect from your prices

After having clicked on “View prices”, Bob the traveler detects an interesting offer with a decent price on Booking. com. He therefore decides to learn more. He is then immediately attacked by shock announcements like: “Best Price Guarantee”, “The best offer for this hotel”, etc.

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