Hi, welcome to another Coffee Time Chat

This is the first video in a series we are doing with Strategic Solution Partners, where we take a look at Sustainability in the hotel industry.

NB: Strategic Solution Partners are one of our Expert Partners

Across this series we will be looking at different aspects of sustainability in hotels and asking are we seeing genuine sustainability efforts or are we falling into the greenwashing trap.

Joining us to share their views and experience are David Kasten and Mark Sherwin

For this discussion we are focusing on the operational side of a hotel. We ask:

  • What does sustainability actually mean
  • With inflation, high interest rates and staffing issues can we actually prioritise sustainability initiatives at this present time
  • If we can prioritise them, what are some of the short term, low hanging fruit, ideas hotels could look to adopt
  • Taking a more strategic viewpoint, how should we approach medium and longer term projects
  • And finally we ask, are we seeing genuine leadership in this are or is it more of a tick box exercise to hit regulations and give the hotel PR team something to talk about.

Really hope you enjoy the conversation 👍🏻

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01:28 Introductions
03:15 Does sustainability mean the same thing to everyone in the hotel industry
06:12 With current challenges can we really prioritise sustainability practices
11:35 Short term fixes and low hanging fruit sustainability ideas
17:30 Taking a more strategic view on medium and long term initiatives
29:57 Are we seeing genuine leadership in this are is it just PR fluff
35:07 Wrapping up
36:49 Further videos and subscriber link