Massive mobile expansion planned in travel over next three years

Mobile marketing offers unrivalled growth opportunities for the travel industry, outstripping potential returns from investments in digital marketing, social media and artificial intelligence

According to a survey of 183 European travel industry executives conducted by EyeforTravel. Over two fifths of the executives interviewed predicted that their mobile budgets would spiral upwards by 50% or more over the next two to three years.

Asked to identify what the greatest opportunities are this year, 79% of the travel executives named mobile in general. Some 59% saw content and digital marketing as strong areas of development, 35% pointed to social media, while app development was in fourth place with 24%. These areas of development all had a mobile component.

The research results are a key finding in the newly-launched EyeforTravel Mobile in Travel Report 2016-17, which is published this month.

The report explores the dramatic impact that mobile technology is having on the global travel business. It charts the transformation of customer behavior and examines how the mobile revolution has changed the way travelers plan and book their trips.

Part of this change is how mobile has now grown to become the main source of web traffic for major travel sites in the UK, US, Brazil and India and is growing strongly.

Although mobile is widely used in researching trips, laptops and desktops still dominate digital travel sales, accounting for 80% of air and hospitality sales in Germany and 57% of accommodation sales and 60% of flight sales in the UK.

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