In this podcast we talk with Pontus Berner and Veit Meier, from berner+becker, about the topic of Market Segmentation and why it is so crucial to developing a strong Revenue Management strategy.

NB: berner+becker are one of our Expert Partners

In this episode we will look at Market Segmentation and what is it? Explore why it is so important and what aspects should be segmented.

Pontus and Veit provide examples and tips as to how best set up and utilise market segmentation, as well as what questions should you be asking yourself once you have established your segmentations.

Since May 2016 berner+becker revenue management is changing the way how independent hotels and smaller chains are having access to high qualitative revenue management services, by offering outsourced revenue management, consulting and training. Their mission is to “Provide hotels access to effective and tailor-made revenue management services. Performed by qualified and experienced revenue management professionals, always striving to deliver a positive impact on bottom line results.”

PONTUS BERNER:  Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Pontus settled down in Germany in 2011. After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Int. Hospitality Management with Finance and Revenue Management from Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland, he took on various leading roles in revenue management for big international hotel brands. Using his experience, he decided to follow his entrepreneurial mind-set and set up berner+becker with Lars. With his visionary approach he ensures to keep creativity and growth a priority for the company.
In his free time Pontus enjoys skiing on snow or water, it just depends on the weather! He doesn’t say no to a cheerful round of golf or a competitive game of tennis either. Pontus also loves travelling, seeing new cultures, enjoying good food, and spending time with family and friends.

VEIT MEIER:  Director of Revenue Management
Veit is a passionate hotelier who went on to study Hospitality Management and Economics graduating with BA (Hons) at Hotel Academy Dresden. He soon developed a special interest in Revenue Management which he further complemented with a degree from Cornell University. Veit has since been a leading part of several highly successful commercial teams in various upscale and luxury hotel groups in Europe, most recently coming from Hilton. He joined berner+becker with the mission to translate his vast experience into consistent and valuable best practice for the broader hospitality industry.
Apart from his passion for Revenue Management, Veit enjoys travelling and get a taste of kitchens around the world.

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