Welcome to another of our coffee time chats. Today we are joined by:

🔹 Dr Don Wise and David Kasten from Strategic Solution Partners, one of our Expert Partners

In this wide ranging discussion we touch on a number of areas and pose a few question:

  • Is the US Hotel industry in a race to the bottom?
  • Is it at risk of over commoditization where price becomes the only differentiator?
  • Is technology taking away aspects of what guests consider hospitality and the hotel experience?
  • How does the reduction of services and amenities balance with higher prices?
  • And finally, is working in the hotel sector now just a job rather than a career?

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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🎥 We discuss a number of areas so we have broken the video down into a timeline:

00:00 – Video start
01:04 – Guest welcome and introductions
04:01 – US Hotel industry become commoditized in mass markets
08:28 – What actually defines a guest experience and does tech actually help
12:21 – With less facilities and services what is the differentiator beyond price
16:50 – Does commoditization further enhance benefits of AirBnB, VRBO, etc
21:45 – Is working in the hotel industry now just a job rather than a career
31:00 – Where does less service/facilities balance with paying more
34:22 – Subscribe and more videos

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